This Golden Life

It’s been feeling like everyone is having babies. Maybe it’s because we jumped onto the baby bandwagon pretty early. None of my friends were ready for babies, then. But suddenly now, they all seem to be. So it’s been raining babies lately.

Babies are great. I would know- I’ve had two. And each time I see somebody’s new arrival, I hold the baby in my hands and feel this sense of joy and peace. It feels so good to hold a baby, to see those big, sweet eyes stare back at you…it almost makes me want to have another child! But then I snap out of this temporary moment of insanity! No, I don’t want to have another baby. I don’t want to deal with months of sleep deprivation, and diapers and tantrums. We’re done with that. It was crazy and wonderful…we had our highs and our lows. And now, we’re done (with the first two years, that is!!).

So, babies are out. The kids are growing up. And life is finding a new sense of balance and freedom. We can sleep for 8 hours at a stretch without having to worry about a baby. And we can leave the house without carrying a million baby supplies. Of course, life is never going to go back to pre-baby days (and I’m not delusional to believe that it even could), but, this is good and getting better everyday. I will take it.

So, we must be crazy. Definitely, crazy. Because we’re getting a puppy! A Golden Retriever puppy. Why? Why are we doing this, I ask myself. I don’t have an answer. So I Google it! I turn to the internet looking for an answer to my life’s question. And I find it. I’m told that it is quite normal. It is normal, apparently, to feel a need to nurture a living thing. And many people feel a void after their last baby has reached toddler age. So, okay, we’re normal. Hurrah! But, to actually go ahead and get the puppy is probably still crazy.

In my head, of course, I’m picturing the perfect dog. Friendly, obedient, loving. But, I know this is akin to picturing yourself with your baby before you actually have it. You picture this perfect little child, all smiles and cuddles. You don’t picture the tantrums and all the work. Pretty much everyone we’ve spoken to has told us that it’s a bad idea to get a puppy with kids under 7. My younger one is only 2!! The older one is almost 5. 5+2= 7. Maybe, we’ll be okay! We know this is going to be hard…but we really want to do it anyway.

So, here we go. Our little Golden puppy comes home tomorrow. Are we prepared? Hell, no! Again, like having a child (your first one anyway), I figure you’re never really prepared for a dog in spite of all the reading you’ve done. You just have to figure it out as you go along. All you have to be ready for is some degree of chaos. Are we ready? Yes!


2 thoughts on “This Golden Life

  1. You forgot to include that you will have to “semi” adopt Tanuj also, since he will be wanting to come to your house all the time!

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