Living Life, Not Blogging About It

I have stolen the title of this blog entry from a friend’s blog (Thanks! You know who you are.). It’s been months since I’ve blogged. It’s not like I haven’t thought about writing, or even actually sat down to write. But I would always start to write, and then wonder why anyone would want to read about the everyday details of my life. Plus, I’m busy…so busy sometimes, that at the end of the day, when I sit down to write, all I want to actually do is sleep! Yet, here I am today updating you all.

Allika is growing up. Fast! She’s crawling, pulling up to a standing position, and even recently cut her first tooth. She’s eating well…staying true to her Parimi genes. This only means that I now have three ravenous appetites at home. And mine at times.

Aari finds new ways to make puddles of water around the house. And I have to find new ways to prevent these puddles from forming, and new ways to clean them up. He’s grown up too. The word we most often hear from him is “why.” Anything we tell him gets a “why” in response. Even the most mundane things like, someone’s name. His name is Rohit. Why, mama? We are running out of answers!

We just got back from Vijayawada, after a week long stay at Chandu’s home. It was hot. Wait, that’s an understatement. It was very, very hot, and equally humid! But between air- conditioning and mangoes and grandparents, we pulled along merrily.  We’re headed to Bombay in a few days. Again, a land of heat and humidity. But also of cool sea breezes and beautiful sunsets. And of nice restaurants in close vicinity (something we don’t get to do in Hyderabad too often).

Okay, anyway since this entry isn’t going anywhere, I’m going to leave you guys with a video I saw recently that brought tears to my eyes. Our kids will probably not become star athletes, but it will speak to all you moms (and non-moms) nevertheless. Enjoy.


One thought on “Living Life, Not Blogging About It

  1. In my limited experience with kids, I have found that often the best way to ‘answer’ their questions is to ask them a question back. Something like, ‘why is your name Aari?’ for the example you give. I have without fail been surprised at the kinds of answers kids can give for inexplicable questions like this. Very rarely do they give up with an answer ‘I don’t know’, and if at all, they have learnt it from us. The power of self-explanation is often highly underestimated.

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