Anaganaganaga Cheemalu, Domalu

Okay, this title isn’t fair to my non-Telugu reader(s). It can be roughly translated as, “Once upon a time, there were ants and mosquitoes.” It’s a Telugu song that Aari has picked up from somewhere, and I find myself living it everyday!

Okay, so the mosquitoes aren’t nearly as bad as they could get. Using AllOut at night generally suffices. But constantly having to worry about closing doors quickly and getting the children indoors as soon as it’s dark is a little annoying. Aari is somewhat used to mosquito bites now. But I worry for Allika. The bite usually flares up and becomes a big, nasty red bump that stays for days. Well, at least there are no malaria reports in the area.

The ants are a whole different story. What is it with these ants in my apartment? They’re constantly going somewhere in long lines on the floors and the walls, sometimes not even to a food source. I often find myself following them to figure out what’s going on only to find myself staring at a tiny hole in the wall in the pantry or the balcony. And there are days when they get into everything. Even yogurt that is setting on my counter-top! In an attempt to stop them from getting into the yogurt, I started putting the bowl in a plate of water. But they swim- desperately clinging on to their lives and they make it, and then they eat my yogurt, and subsequently die in it!

With two little kids at home, I don’t want to be spraying random chemicals all over. So my day is largely spent cleaning, wiping, sealing, and moving things around. Then, of course, there are other random bugs- spiders, tiny roaches and unknown creepy crawlies, which I promptly swat and throw away. Thankfully, I’ve not sighted a lizard thus far!

Sometimes, I’ve had it till here (*gestures towards the neck) with these critters. And other times, I sing…anaganaganaga cheemalu, domalu…


6 thoughts on “Anaganaganaga Cheemalu, Domalu

  1. Dont panic if Aari starts crying in the night or is very uncomfortable and the next day you find a pea size blister on his leg that is oozing (or is ready to ooze) clear liquid and the area is all swollen and warm. After multiple such bites on Tanvi’s leg, I blame some kind of ant (red) in the park and try (yes – try – as we have one miss independent who wants all fancy footwear) to make sure that she wears shoes to the park.

  2. Oh, wow, poor thing!! Aari likes to run barefoot in the park, and no matter what we say, that’s just how he’s going to do it. So now we know not to freak out if he gets mysteriously bitten! 🙂

  3. Perhaps, the problem is the lack of lizards (or snakes!). They’ll take care of the bugs for you. Care for a pet lizard? 😛

  4. do you still get a lot of mosquitoes and ants?
    we tried the spray formula in vizag by spraying the concoction by exits, on window curtains, etc with not much luck. may be the oil works better?
    was also going to try catnip and mint plants in balconies/exits but the catnip didn’t survive.

    allout seems too toxic.
    did you try natural coils or sticks that burn?
    or for aari & allika when they’re out after dusk.

    in vizag, they close all doors by dusk (like you already said) and someone goes all around the house, every nook & cranny, with an electric swatter. it’s not effective use of time but works to an extent.

    solving the root of why they are rampant in the area is key but none of the usual suspects were in play in vizag and i just couldn’t figure out.

    1. Hi Ajantha,

      The mosquito situation has gotten a lot better actually. Two things mainly- use of electric swatter (I LOVE those!!) and the fact that this man made pond (aka mosquito breeding pit) near our house was cleaned up!

      Herbal Odomos works quite well, though I have always wondered how “herbal” it actually is. Will look into the Auroville link you’ve sent.

      Ants come and go- we’ve largely just learned to live with them! We now also have to deal with ticks on the dog from time to time. Oh, and there are these little frogs that enter the house every now and then. Fun, fun!

      Hope you are well. Thanks for reading!! 🙂


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