Spinach Salad

I never thought I would ever blog recipes. Blogging about food- what is good and where- yes, but not actual recipes. I am no great cook. For most part I don’t even enjoy cooking. I might come close to enjoy making the occasional fancy(ish??) dish, but everyday cooking and I don’t get along. I haven’t been kind to “everyday cooking” and in return it hasn’t been kind to me. I have never invested time in learning or even watching someone cook, and as a result every time I try to recreate the same dish, it tastes different. Fortunately however, my cooking is not inedible. It definitely is not mind blowing, but it does the job. People eat it, and seem to fairly enjoy it. Also, I’ve been blessed with a husband and son who love to eat, and since I’m not picky either, we get by.

Now that you have this great introduction to my culinary skills, I’ve been thinking about blogging quick and easy recipes- those that don’t need you to spend an eternity in the kitchen and taste good nevertheless. So here goes…

I have always loved spinach in any form. My mom first made this salad while she was visiting us in Urbana when Aari was born. Chandu and I immediately took to it, and I have been making it once in a while since then.
Spinach- 1 bunch
Onion- 1 small
Tomato- 1 big
Green chilies- as per taste (I usually go with 1)
Lime- ½
Salt and sugar to taste

So all you have to do is chop up the spinach, onion, tomato and chilies, add the juice of ½ a lime, add salt and sugar as needed and toss everything up. I was skeptical about the sugar at first, but it really brings out the flavors in everything.

This usually works great as a side with your regular meal or by itself. To make it more hardy, I often add cooked garbanzo beans or chopped mushrooms. And of course, it tastes great with bread and a glass of wine. ☺


3 thoughts on “Spinach Salad

  1. I miss cooking 😦 badly. Will make this spinach salad as soon as I can… which will be at least a week from now. But, yeah, I heartily encourage you to put up recipes (be you a cook at heart or not – I think you are)… at least I’ll get to savor these homemade tastes by reading your blog.

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