We Are Here

It’s been almost three and a half months since we got to India. While much has not happened since we came, time sure has flown by. That’s the thing about India- it’s chaotic, and it fills up your day. We’ve been between Vijayawada and Bombay trying to cope up with the crazy heat and humidity. We’re eating mangoes and other yummy food. Aari is having the time of his life. Chandu is still jobless and looking- which means we see him more. And I am pregnant. Baby number 2 seems to be doing great.

There surely is a certain charm in this uncertainty, and also a sort of uneasiness. We don’t know where we’re going to be in the next 2 months and hence still in vacation mode. However, interviewing here has been crazy- everything is super slow, and no one cares for it to be any other way. People don’t reply to emails, or acknowledge your application- and all this from India’s premier research and teaching universities!

Also, living out of suitcases has been a little annoying. All our stuff was shipped from the US, and is now sitting in a storeroom in Vijayawada. It feels weird to not be able to see and use your books and dvds and other stuff. Even though I don’t read or watch them everyday, I like to be able to just look at them. It’s comforting to know that they’re waiting for me whenever I need them. They’re still waiting…in boxes for me to come rescue them from their temporary imprisonment.

The monsoons have just about started. And in spite of my memories of how yucky and icky everything becomes when it rains, I am quite enjoying them!

And amidst all this, life goes on…


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