I can’t wait to eat mangoes! This year I was fortunate enough to eat a little bit of a baganapalli mango…next year I will drown myself in the awesomeness that is a desi mango. Better still, I can’t wait for Aari to be introduced to this amazing fruit. I often think of all the yummy food I’ll have access to once we’re in India. Chaat- right around the corner, pav bhaji- around another corner! Roadside sandwiches, Indo-Chinese, sugarcane juice and coconut water, gulab jamuns, jalebis, fish fry, crab masala…the list is endless! But I think I’ll really miss the food here. Chicago style pizza, steak, sushi, tapas, a real all-out American burger, cheesecake, tiramisu, gyros, Chipotle…this list is endless too! I hear India is getting better on this front though…depending on which city we’re in, we might have access to a bunch of these foods. It’ll be expensive, but for those desperate cravings, we might be covered. But the sheer brilliance of driving up to any strip mall on a whim and choosing between very affordable Thai, Mexican, Sushi, Burgers, Indian, Pizza, etc….that is America for you…and “sure will be missed” for me.


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